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Yen Trung Tourist Village


Peaceful Place We Belong

Yen Trung tourist village is a place that reminds us of a peaceful, quiet hometown with extremely old folk experiences.

The place reminds us of a childhood with rice fields, canals and fish ponds with many centuries. Where the children of the city are challenged with folk experiences such as riding buffalo, horseback riding, transplanting rice, planting trees, catching fish.

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Luxurious and environmentally friendly design, which is a must-have choice for customers.

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It is the most unique design room and the first choice of customers.

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Experience spacious spaces, with large balconies, lake views and very romantic – the choice of couples on special occasions.

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Yen Trung Experiences

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Local food

Our restaurant is offering gourmet Vietnamese and Thanh Hoa local foods.

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Experience the farmer’s life

Horse riding, buffalo riding, fishing, tree planting, folk games like stall jumping, ….

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Outdoor Cinema

The first outdoor cinema in Vietnam. It will be a very impressive experience with modern sound systems and screens.

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Luxury Dining

Asian culinary style blends with sophistication in Western service style.

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